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ONE - Spell your name without vowels: Sr (Seriously...? T_T)
TWO - Are you single?:
Nope! <3
THREE - Whats your favorite number?:
7 or 16
FOUR - What color do you wear most?:
Blues, purples, and white; mostly light blue
FIVE - Least favorite color?:
SIX - Favorite candy?:
Sour gummy worms/bears
SEVEN - What do you smoke?:
I don't smoke. o_O'
EIGHT - Are you happy with your life right now?:
Yep! I love life for the most part. ^_^
NINE - Anyone ever said you resemble a celebrity?:
I don't know. I put my picture on and it said I looked the most like Avril Lavigne. I don't know about that though. XD
TEN - What is your favorite class in school?:
Art or Theater
ELEVEN - Do you shop at Hollister/DC/Bluenotes?:
No, too expensive for my taste.
TWELVE - How do you make money?:
Ebay, odd jobs, yard sales, etc.
THIRTEEN - Who is your best friend?:
I don't have just one. >.<' But I suppose my best best friend would be AnimalLover4Ever (Lauren)
FOURTEEN - Where do you go to school?:
In a building. :p
FIFTEEN - Are you outgoing?:
Sometimes. Depends on who I'm with.
SIXTEEN - One word to describe you?:
SEVENTEEN - Favorite pair of shoes?:
My old purple and black skateboard shoes....that...I think my mom threw away. TT_TT
EIGHTEEN - Do you own big sunglasses?:
No, I don't really like wearing sunglasses.
NINETEEN - Where do you wish you were right now?:
Exploring the woods with my cats (I'm weird, I know) or being with a certain someone *koff* Ch- *koff* -ad *koff koff* Oh, must be coming down with something...ahem. >.>'
TWENTY - What should you be doing right now?:
TWENTY ONE - Do you have a crush on anyone right now?:
Y-yes... o///o'

Honestly, what's on your mind right now?:
Honestly, what are you doing right now?:
Typing this meme and listening to "This Is Your Life" by Switchfoot
Honestly, have you done something bad today?:
Not that I know of.
Honestly, do you watch Disney Channel?:
I would if I had that channel
Honestly, who is the last person you talked to on the phone?:
My cousin.
Honestly, are you jealous of someone right now?:
Not really.
Honestly, what makes you mad most of the time?:
The world. xD
Honestly, do you bite your nails?:
Sometimes, haven't in a while though.
Honestly, do you want to see someone this very moment?:
Honestly, are you keeping a big secret right now?:
Yes, but its not really pressing anymore.
Honestly, do you have a friend you don't actually like?:
Yes, but I don't think we're actually friends....? I don't know. Its complicated.

Can you blow a bubble?:
Can you dance?:
Not really. I mean, I can, but I think my dancing is pretty lame and clumsy looking.
Can you do a cart wheel?:
Its lop-sided
Can you tie a cherry stem with your mouth?:
I wish.
Can you whistle?:
Not very well.
Can you wiggle your ears?:
Can you wiggle your nose?:
Yes, haha
Can you roll your tongue?:
Can you make a clover with your tongue?:

What do you do when you're mad?:
Get a little shakey, choked, and quiet. Then I quickly hurry off as fast as I can so I can walk whatever it is off. If I don't, then I sometimes yell and make things worse. : To be totally honest though, I don't get angry very often at all.
What's the worst thing you've done when you were mad?:
I don't know...slammed my hand against a wall? That was an accident though so I'm not sure that counts, lol
Ever made anyone cry when you were mad?:
Yes, but he started crying so he could put me on another guilt trip and maybe get me to go out with him. >_> Long story.

Ever really cried your heart out?:
Yes, quite a few times.
Ever cried yourself to sleep?:
More often than I care to remember.
Ever cried on your friend's shoulder?:
No. I try to keep myself from crying in front of people. I don't like them seeing me like that.
Ever cried over the opposite sex?:
Twice, I think.
Ever cried over the same sex?:
Once or twice.
Do you cry when you get an injury?:
Not usually.
Do certain songs make you cry?:
Do certain movies make you cry?:
I've teared up during movies before, but never actually cried.

Are you usually a happy person?:
I'd say so.
What makes you the happiest?:
Being with my best friends, my boyfriend, playing with my cats, drawing, playing the drums or guitar, singing, exploring the great outdoors
Does being with your friends make you happy?:
More often than not, yeah.
Do you believe in yourself?:
Do you wish you were happier?:
Who wouldn't?
Is being happy overrated?:
Why would happiness be overrated? XD
Can music make you happy?:

How many times have you had your heart broken?:
About four or five times, I guess. But now that I think about it, they weren't really any more than school-girl crushes.
Have you ever loved someone so much that you'd die for them?:
Has anyone besides your friends and family ever said 'I love you'?:
Yes. ^///^

Do you actually hate anyone?:
No. There are people I dislike, but I don't hate anyone.
Have you ever been on a hit list?:
Almost certainly. There were three girls who I'm sure would've killed me if murder wasn't a crime. D:
Are you a mean bully?:
No way. D:
Do you hate George Bush?:
What kind of a question is that? I don't even like politics. >_>'

Is your self-esteem extremely low?:
I guess. I mean, it could be a lot higher.
Do you think you're good looking?:
No, not really at all.
Do you wish you could be someone else?:
There are things I wish I could change about myself, but when I really think about it, I don't think I'd want to be another person.

What is your current hair color?:
What is your eye color?:
What is your skin tone?:
Fair, I guess. I'm pretty pale. x__x
Current piercings?:
None and I don't plan on getting any.
Have any tattoos?:
Straight hair or curly?:
Kind of in the middle? My hair is a little wavy.

What shirt are you wearing?:
A blue T-shirt with Matthew 6:26 on it.
A silver heart necklace with two pale blue crystal hearts in the center. My boyfriend gave it to me. ^///^
None, lol

Hugged someone?:
Yes, of course.
Been on the phone until the sun came up?:
No, I'm not much for talking on the phone.
Laughed so hard you peed in your pants?:
Maybe. >.>'
Laughed so hard you cried?:
Yes, plenty of times
Got in a fight with someone?:
It was an argument, not a fight.

Person you talked to in person?:
My mom.
Person you talked to online?:
Hmm...Lauren, maybe?
Person you hugged?:
My dad

Do you like surveys?:
Only if they're fun surveys
Do you get along with your parents?:
For the most part, I guess. School mornings are rough though. D:
Do you have mental breakdowns?:
  I suppose I've had one before. But I'd rather not think about it.

Current mood:
Tired, but happy
Current music:
Nothing in particular. My iPod is on random.
Current hair style:
Medium length; reaches a few inches past my shoulders; bangs cut straight across my forehead just barely over my eyebrows; pulled back in a low ponytail
Current crush:
Chad, but its a bit more than a crush now
Current thing I ought to be doing:
Homework. Didn't I already have this question?
Current windows open:
WordPad, deviantART, email
Current desktop picture:
A pastel sunset

Did you ever get into a fist fight in school?:
No. Well, unless you count the mock fist fight me and my friend Tonya had. XD But we didn't actually hit eachother. It was just for fun.
Did you ever run away from home?:
No. But I've desperately wanted to before.
Did you ever want to be a doctor?:
When I was little, I wanted to be a pediatrician (I called it a "baby doctor" then, lol)
Did you ever want to be a fire fighter?:
Not really.

Do you know how to swim?:
Do you like roller coasters?:
YES!!! Well, most of them. I'm still a bit chicken when it comes to some. xD
Do you own a bike?:
Do you think you could handle the stuff they eat on those reality shows?:
This is a weird question. I don't know?

Does hair loss run in your family at all?:
Not really.
Does your car get good gas mileage?:
Its not bad, but its not great either.
Does your family have family picnics?:
Usually once or twice every year.

Have you ever been on a plane?:
Nope. Never in my life.
Have you ever been to the ocean?:
Yes, its so pretty. *o*
Have you ever painted your nails?:
Yeah! I really like painting them purple. XD

How tall are you?:
I don't know. Maybe about 4 feet and 10 1/4 inches? I'm terribly short for my age. D:
How much money do you have on you right now?:
I honestly have no clue. A few dollars?

Last person you hung out with?:
The usual, lol
Last thing someone said to you?:
"Honey, the cats are in the garage again."
Last thing you said out loud?:

What are you listening to?:
"My Lullaby" from The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride
What is the weather outside?:
Kind of hot, but there's a nice breeze
What radio station do you listen to?:
I don't really listen to the radio often.
What was the last restaurant you ate at?:
My favorite restaurant; I stuffed myself with ramen and veggie sushi.... ^o^
What was the last thing you had to drink?:
Dr. Pepper
What was the last movie you watched?:
The Lion King
I love journal memes, but I figured since its so long, I'd just post it as a deviation. These things are so much fun. xD I don't know where I found the original, but if you want to fill this out, you can just copy and paste it from here to your journal or wherever.

Also, I apologize if I put this in the wrong category. I had no idea what to do. >.<
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Hm, that did sound stalkerish... xD
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Lol, oh noes, I haz stakerz nao. :ohnoes:

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Vegetarians are awesome! I never really liked meat, and I started being a vegetarian this year because I decided that I wanted to live healthier/save critters

Hehe :party:
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I'm not sure they still have that program up on the site, at least, not for free or without becoming a member. They used to, but...I dunno, you could still check it out. :D

I was a vegetarian because my dad wanted me to be and now I've just gotten to were I don't even really want to think about eating meat, lol! The ironic thing though is that I'm the only vegetarian in my entire family. :XD:
Talahona Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2011
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Yeah--now everytime I think of meat I think of like, skin. And bone. Yuck!
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